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Hypnotherapy relaxation techniques to help you achieve your goals

Hypnotherapy is a misunderstood and underused tool that has helped thousands of people throughout the world. Lisa Griffin, owner of Life Balance Atlanta, is a certified medical/ clinical hypnotherapist, with hundreds of hours and countless success stories at her back.

Hypnotherapy is simply the art of meditating in order to accomplish a specific goal. The treatment can correct a long list of ailments, troubles, or habits, including fear of public speaking, smoking, weight loss, and can even help with pain management throughout cancer. According to hypnosis resource women who had metastatic breast cancer experienced 50% less pain than a control group after hypnotherapy. Ten years later, the group who had undergone hypnosis had a survival rate double that of the control group.

Hypnotherapy is taking the body’s natural tendency to relax during various activities- while driving or watching television, for instance- and purposefully putting the body in a relaxed state to better absorb ideas, make lasting changes, and have more creative power. By accessing the subconscious mind through a deep state of relaxation, the mind can better achieve the goals that you already are striving for. Hypnotherapy promotes a feeling of safety to better achieve health and wellness.

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Classes For Mothers

Expectant and new mothers will find the information they need in one place at Life Balance Atlanta – breastfeeding guidance, HypnoBirthing instruction, and baby massage classes.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Reduce stress and regain control over your life through hypnotherapy. Each session is with a clinical hypnotherapist, giving you the most from your time.

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Massage Therapy

Stress relief is here through various types of massage therapy. Swedish massage, prenatal massage, and others all in one spot, giving you the options that fit your needs.

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Detox Regimens

Find relief from a variety of ailments through Life Balance Atlanta’s detox programs. These include herbal detoxes, ionic foot baths, and more. Feel your best through detox!

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A  technique aimed at facilitating lymphatic drainage, crucial for removing waste from the body’s tissues

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Alicia Stephens

I can’t speak highly enough about my experiences at Life Balance, with Lisa. She is truly gifted and I’m so thankful to have found her! It’s amazing the difference I feel after my treatments with her.

Jenna P.

One of my favorite places to relax and chat with one of my favorite ladies!

Pascale C

I was very happy with my first experience at Life Balance. The atmosphere was just perfect.!

Kristy R.

Amazing! So thankful I found this place. Camiah and Lisa both specialize in lymphatic drainage massage which is extremely important to everyone’s health. Highly recommend if you’ve never tried one to check it out!

Celeste H.

Honestly this was the best prenatal massage I’ve ever had!! I’ve had 3 before this and they don’t compare. Lisa was wonderful!

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