Enhance Blood Flow, Alleviate discomfort

Whether post-cosmetic surgery or to detoxify and cleanse the lymphatic system this gentle technique will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a gentle, rhythmic technique used to promote drainage within the lymphatic system to promote the flushing of toxins, improve blood circulation and lymphatic fluid.

Life Balance Atlanta is trusted among many surgeons and physicians in the Atlanta area. We have two certified MLD specialists who work to help your body heal post surgery, (plastic, reconstructive, oncologic and orthopedic surgery), post trauma from physical injury, mental or emotional stress, cellulite-lip-edema are all areas our clients have found relief.

Why should I have MLD after plastic surgery?

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How soon after surgery can I have MLD?

This varies, and is something you should ask your surgeon. However, in general, once your drains are removed and your incisions are closed, you can begin receiving MLD with us.

I recently had surgery, how many sessions will it take?

Surgical recovery is a process that varies for every individual. Most people feel relief after the first session, but this doesn’t mean one session will get rid of all your swelling and discomfort. It typically takes a series of sessions over the course of several weeks; the exact number will depend on many factors, including your overall health pre-surgery, what kind of procedure/procedures you’ve had, diet, hydration and more.

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A  technique aimed at facilitating lymphatic drainage, crucial for removing waste from the body’s tissues

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Alicia Stephens

I can’t speak highly enough about my experiences at Life Balance, with Lisa. She is truly gifted and I’m so thankful to have found her! It’s amazing the difference I feel after my treatments with her.

Jenna P.

One of my favorite places to relax and chat with one of my favorite ladies!

Pascale C

I was very happy with my first experience at Life Balance. The atmosphere was just perfect.!

Kristy R.

Amazing! So thankful I found this place. Camiah and Lisa both specialize in lymphatic drainage massage which is extremely important to everyone’s health. Highly recommend if you’ve never tried one to check it out!

Celeste H.

Honestly this was the best prenatal massage I’ve ever had!! I’ve had 3 before this and they don’t compare. Lisa was wonderful!

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