At our wellness center, Life Balance Atlanta:

We focus and promote balance in all aspects of our clients lives.   Our bodies are always striving to achieve balance.  We have the power to impact that balance by what we choose to put in our bodies.

Our kidneys:

Our bodies are made up of hollow and solid organs.  Each has a different function to keep our bodies in balance and to eliminate the toxins we encounter on a daily basis.
If we take a look at just one of these organs, the kidneys, we can show how balance in our choice of daily fluids can help us keep this organ healthy and functioning at its best.

What do the kidneys do?

The kidneys remove waste products from the body and balance the body’s fluids.  If everyday we ate the healthiest ingredients on this planet we still would not survive without our kidneys.  Our kidneys are critical to staying alive and they need enough good quality water to flush toxins from the body.

What can we do?

Imagine if you were given a frying pan full of grease and were asked to clean it with two tablespoons of water.  Clearly you would raise an eyebrow and this would be a very difficult task.  Our kidneys like that frying pan need enough water to keep this filtering organ working optimally.  If your daily intake of liquid consists mainly of coffee, sugared teas or soft drinks you are putting an unbalanced load on your kidneys.

If we pay attention to our daily fluid intake and balance that cup of coffee with a glass of water we are making a difference!  Here is a calculator  you can use to determine the amount of water recommended based on your weight and activity level.

How we can help?

We are always here to help our clients find balance!  We offer massage, manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology, wellness and weight loss plans, clinical hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing, yoga therapy and more!  We pride ourselves in listening to our clients and treating each and everyone of you as an individual!

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