We want to thank you for voting us Best of Forsyth in 2023!

Life Balance Atlanta recieved the Best of Forsyth for Hypnotherapy services!   If you have had our hypnotherapy services, I hope you have been pleased with your outcomes. If you have not had or heard about what Lisa does in a hypnotherapy session here is my personal testimonial.


Hello, My name is Stephanie and I’ve been working with Lisa over the past year on her social media marketing. I started seeing Lisa a couple of years ago due to dizziness, back, shoulder and neck pain. I was able to get all of that under control with regular massage.

Next, was dealing with my escalating weight gain which felt more mental then physical so I booked a weight loss hypnotherapy session. I wanted to get to the root cause of my overeating and continued weight gain over several years. I was blaming the gain on menopause and stress, however I couldn’t get a handle on it and the numbers get climbing in the wrong direction.

I was able to get an in depth look into my emotions, physical state, stressors, history and current situation in order to develop a positive mindset and plan going forward.

What does a hypnotherapy state look like?

The hypnotherapy state is not a state where you are unaware of what you are saying, it’s more a calm state where you are able to hyper focus on issues that you really don’t focus on because of daily life, stressors and external surrounding noise.During this state you are better able to see the root problem of your consious struggles. At the end of the session I walked away with a personalized tape reiterating a positive mindset and statements to focus on at home.

Lisa’s instructions were to listen to the tape lying down in a calm and quiet space everyday for 21 days. I was amazed how listening to this has really changed my subconcious to make healthier choices, eat less food and do it all without really struggling or thinking about it! I have lost 5.5 lbs and the numbers are going in the right direction now!

What do you get with your hypnotherapy session?

I would highly recommend Lisa for any of your hypnotherapy needs. You get a thorough evaluation, a guided hypontherapy to uncover your stumbling blocks and you get to take a personalized hypnotherapy on tape to do at home!

You can’t beat what you get for the price of a session with Lisa!  If you are on the fence, trust me check it out you won’t be sorry!


Create a healthy mindset. Check out our clinical hypnotherapy and clearing your mind from distractions and negative thoughts.

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Wine and Wellness

We are bringing back our informative and fun Wine and Wellness at 6:30 pm the third Tuesday of every month! Come relax after a long day at work or taking care of the kids and learn from our knowledgable speakers. Wine and light snacks are served.

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  • March 21, 2023: Georgie Moss will be speaking about clean beauty products.